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Flesh Coloured Neoprene Suits

Rubber Jungle Wetsuits is the biggest supplier of flesh coloured neoprene undergarments to the film industry. With over 25 years experience working with producers and wardrobe managers, we continue to enjoy being involved with their latest creative designs and incredible productions.



The neoprene undergarments range from full Steamers to Spring suits, Short Johns and Vests.  They can be manufactured to all types of thicknesses. They are a raw finish so your wardrobe department can complete the desired effect while keeping the talent warm and comfortable while on set.


The suits are normally used while the talent or production crew are immersed in water or under rain machines.   

Price is on Application, and rates are calculated on volume.

Stunt Pads

Rubber Jungle Wetsuits supply all types of stunt related neoprene pads.  They can be custom made to the stuntman's requirements.  Along with the standard neoprene elbow and knee pads, we also custom make all types of hip and coccyx protection in the way of custom neoprene shorts.  

Knee Guard

Knee Pad Measurement Guide


XS   Above Knee 12 3/4" Knee 12"Below Knee 11 3/4" 

 S    Above Knee 14"Knee 13 1/2 "Below Knee 13" 

 M.   Above Knee 15"Knee 14 1/2"Below Knee 14" 

 L.    Above Knee 16"Knee 15 1/2"Below Knee 15" 

 XL.  Above Knee 16 1/2"Knee 16"Below Knee 15 1/2" 

 XXL Above Knee 17"Knee 16" Below knee 16" 


Elbow Pad Measurement Guide


XS     Bicep 9 1/4" Elbow 9 1/4"Forearm 8 1/2" 

 S.     Bicep 10 1/2"Elbow 10 1/2" Forearm 9 1/2" 

 M.     Bicep 11 1/2"Elbow 11 1/2"Forearm 10 1/2" 

 L.      Bicep 12"Elbow 12" Forearm 11" 

 XL     Bicep 13"Elbow 12 1/2"Forearm 11 1/2" 

 XXL   Bicep 14" Elbow 13 1/2" Forearm 12 1/4" 

3mm wrap & 3mm pad.
Open top for gel or other inserts

Knee Pads
Flesh Colour Wetsuits
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